Wednesday, January 16, 2013

JCO vs Starbucks

Although there are a couple of Starbucks hereabouts, these are rather far distant from me, and so I have had to switch to JCO -- an Italian owned doughnut and coffee house which features Starbucks-like cappuccinos (well, sort of) along with a free doughnut with every drink order. It's also cheaper than Starbucks, at 24000 Rupiah compared to 34000 (although it's still more expensive than the pot of black coffee for 10000 at the nearby Chill-It bar and cafe). Yes, it's hard to give up my old haunts -- those prolific Starbucks in the States which yet inspire such lasting affection in me -- but it's the next best thing, and better than struggling through the traffic to Denpasar or Kuta -- a long way to go for coffee. The JCO cappuccino has no foam to speak of, but the size is ample and the coffee is rich and hot. It's also a more interesting place to write or relax and lounge or visit with friends than the Starbucks here, mainly because normal people here cannot afford to drink at Starbucks, and so they tend to be pretty quiet, even deserted sorts of places. But here at JCO one finds a consistent bustle -- adults, school children, gaggles of gabbing, giggling girls, so there's always something to look at or listen to if your bored of looking at your computer keyboard and listening to the keystrokes. It's restful to me -- more restful than home, which is either too quiet or too noisy, never just right. I do hear that there are plans underway to erect a Starbucks here in Sanur (my neck of the woods), but one never knows. Rumours of all sorts abound in Bali. For the time being, I make do with whatever is real.

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