Friday, April 2, 2010

Eleven Things I Like About Bali

I like the fact that when one eats out at a restaurant he may find himself in the company of various dogs and cats, coming and going as they please. It makes the meal a more friendly experience, and gives you someone to talk to if you’re alone.

I like the fact that many bathrooms have their sinks in a community area with one community towel for all.

I like seeing 4 year olds drive past my door on motor scooters.

I like the fact that there is no leash law and that dogs customarily roam about with their friends.
I like the fact that most dogs are Hindu and thus nonviolent.

Here in Bali all holidays are observed, Hindu, Muslim, Christian. I like that.

Hindus prefer not to work with their hands because they don’t like getting their hands dirty. I am a Hindu at heart. Or my hands are, anyway--always have been.

I like that motor bike drivers park under trees when it rains and can get going again in generally less than ten minutes.

I really like that it generally only rains for ten minutes at a time, even in the “rainy season,” I like that when it rains it pours down great buckets full of rain, which must be such a relief to the clouds, and I like that fact that the rain is as warm as bathwater.

I like the unaffected friendliness of the people.

I like the grace of the women.

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