Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Happy Marriage

On the laptop this morning an ad popped up which read "Find a Muslim Husband," and pictured a happy, hopeful looking young woman in traditional garb. Hmm. I should have thought that finding a Muslim husband would be more a matter of ill fortune, to be avoided if at all possible.

Okay, so that's not very nice of me, but it is the impression we are left with after any kind of exposure to news of wife abuse and religious control freaks. So many rules, so few perks (or so it seems to the Westerner). Perhaps we are just not hearing the whole story. After all, why shouldn't a woman be compelled to walk behind her husband at all times? It simply shows due respect, right? Or why should a woman have the same rights as a man? Why shouldn't the man alone have the the right to divorce? He is the man, right? What does a woman's marriage have to do with the woman? It's all about the man. Right? Or why should the woman have any legal recourse if beaten or abused? She is just a woman, right?


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