Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Return of the Sun

After two weeks or so of clouds and occasional rain (apparently scheduled somehow for those times during which I need to be out on the motorbike), the skies have finally cleared and the dry season seems to have returned. Back to the Bali I know and love. This spat of clouds and rain, however, seems to have left me with a sore throat -- typical when this type of weather comes along. So I guess I go buy some amoxicillan at the Apotek. Not that it's actually effective -- it's just the thought that counts.

So, another morning of doing EF work at JCO and waiting for the maid to leave the house so I can return home. I hate to be there when the maid is there. She seems ever to want to clean right where I'm sitting, no matter where that happens to be. Makes it hard to concentrate.

Had hoped to meet Mikey for our usual chat, but he is at the doctor, having fallen off his bike the other day and apparently fractured his elbow. A fracture is not a good idea, especially at the age of 75. His arm is about 3 times its normal size now. Poor Mikey.

As for me, the final scab seems to have finally worked its way loose from my ankle and fallen off. How long has it been?  Three months? Something really wrong there, if you ask me. But now all is well, and I have no plans for falling off my own bike in the near future (or ever again, hopefully).

Will get a 20 percent raise for my work at Bali Style Magazine, and so that's good news too. Almost breaking even now!

I just realized yesterday that I'm not 60 years old, I'm 59-1/2; which means that I have 2-1/2 years before I can collect Social Security, not 1-1/2, as I had been imaging before. Odd to find oneself in a rush to get older, ain't it?

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