Monday, August 4, 2014


Once again, internet is out at home. Came down to Starbucks to work, but, lo and behold, internet is out here too. So that’s a motorbike trip and 31000 rupiah for nothing.

Btw, Bali traffic rule #2 for people who don’t know what they’re doing: Motorbikes should stay in the proper lane, The opposite lane is for oncoming traffic. If you pile up in the oncoming lane, oncoming traffic will be unable to proceed, as will traffic in the proper lane. This is what we call a “traffic jam” and should be avoided for the benefit of all motorists.

Went to the hospital this morning to try to get some medications for my “new” MS symptoms, and the doctor insisted that I get an MRI first. Damn! I hate MRI’s. Nonetheless, I’m scheduled for one tomorrow morning. This ought to be interesting. I didn’t know they even had MRI beds here.

What I rather suddenly ended up with is ringing in the ears, pounding headaches and heat intolerance. That latter is a very common symptom, which I, lucky until now, had never experienced. Now, I can attest first hand that it’s a bummer.

Interestingly, I only recently learned that many of the symptoms that we associate with MS are really symptoms of a separate condition known as “dysautonomia”. This symptoms include cognitive problems, fatigue and, my new favorite, inability to “thermoregulate”, aka heat intolerance.

I thought I could just waltz in and ask for ‘some pills’; however, since I don’t have my old MRI exams (somehow lost in the last four years), and since I have no medical documentation stating that I even have MS, the doctor, understandably, insisted on getting an MRI. Aside from that, as she points out, if the ringing in the ears is attributable to MS, lesions will appear in specific locales.

So, more later on that.

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