Monday, March 30, 2015

Ruby Falls

A Woman Must Be a Cavern

Outside Chattanooga, Tennessee, deep within the heart of Lookout Mountain, there are caves.  A man discovered these a long time ago.  His wife’s name was Ruby.  The man had to crawl on his belly at one point between floor and ceiling and it took him six hours on elbows and knees to get to where the walls opened out again.  There he found a waterfall, of all things -  water from rock -  and he named the waterfall Ruby, after his wife.
What about a waterfall is like a woman?  A waterfall in the heart of a pitch black cavern?

Now the waterfall is illuminated by ruby colored lights, and thousands of tourists come each year to see it.

How far down, into what sort of darkness, will we go to see?

There are other things also which one would never see but for the light.  Stalagmites and stalactites, for instance.  Murals in the rocky walls.  A duck, a dog, an angel.  They find and name more things all the time, in the rock, on the walls.

Is there a message?  What does it mean?  Has nature put something here for us to read?  Has God?  Or is it just a cave, just a coincidence, just the play of our minds?  Is everything we see a message from God? Even ripples in rock?


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