Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Just My Opinion

Surprised to find Limamike's open on Galungan. Often enough, one finds them closed even on a normal day, and here they are open on a major holiday. Indeed, many other places are closed. In fact, most other places are, in Renon, anyway. This has made the streets very pleasant for traveling about.

The big news today is all about the Iran nuclear deal. Obama says that the world is now a safer place, while Netanyahu says it's a much more dangerous place. What is clear, if anything is clear, is that one or the other must eventually be shown to have been wrong.

Well, I suppose even that is not true, really. Politicians are never wrong. They are merely misunderstood.

In any case, I find myself most inclined to agree with Obama on this, though there is an element of reluctance in doing so. I have to admire, once again, the man's dogged determination in pursuing the goals he believes in, even in the face of continued antagonistic rhetoric from the leaders in Iran. Death to America, death to Israel, and such-like. These statements are clearly unacceptable, as Obama himself acknowledges; but the point is not whether Iran likes us, but what the best way is to avoid a nuclear Iran or a rush to war. The natural response at the sight of flag burning and hate-speech is to be offended and to reply in kind.

This is where Obama's amazing patience and self confidence come into play. It is, to me, stunningly unusual in a human being.

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