Monday, October 19, 2015

Day Trippin'

I used to talk to my friend, Mike, who is no longer my friend, about this curious Indonesian practice of making plans to go somewhere in particular and kind of ending up everywhere in general. This usually involves a party that grows 2-3 times in number before you ever get started. You then set out for the planned destination by heading in the opposite direction. I remember Mike describing his wife's plan to visit "a relative's house", yet neglecting to mention that "a" in this case actually meant "all". In similar manner, my wife suggested that we go to Ubud for coffee yesterday. After packing a half dozen unmentioned folks into the car, we headed not for Ubud, not for coffee, but to breakfast at some obscure locale (who knows where it was?), where we also toured a villa/resort. Departing, then, for the aforementioned coffee in Ubud, we ended up at a Vespa Enthusiasts' convention. Following this stop, I believe we did pass somewhere in the region of Ubud, but ended up at another villa/resort (where we actually did, eventually, have coffee). It was time, then, to head home, so we headed to Gianyar, instead, to stop at the night market for nasi campur. We did get home around 9 pm or so. So these terms are relative, folks. There is really no such a thing as a trip to Ubud for coffee. I know this by now, and yet, every time, I forget. But, anyway, it was fun 

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