Thursday, August 25, 2016


Multiple sclerosis does quite a number of pretty amazing things. I mean, for its variety and fluency, it's right up there with the manifold and amazing processes at work in the healthy system. One cannot help but admire the functionality and efficiency, I mean, what with being a "disorder" and all. Consider, for instance, that in the face of an illness or an injury, MS will take just the right steps to combat the speedy recovery from that illness or injury. It actually seeks out and destroys the tiny cellular ambulances being sent to the scene of the trouble. And then it sends little raiding parties into the brain and spinal cord to set their own little fires. Diversionary tactics, I guess. It is the ISIS of the autoimmune system. And what about that exaggerated pain response so often associated with MS? Impressive or what? One contracts a common illness, one injures himself, and MS says, "Boy, you ain't seen nuthin yet! You think that neck injury is painful? Hah! Just wait till I get my claws around it!"

Ah, how fearfully and wonderfully I am made.

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