Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I had a long, complicated dream last night where everything was going backwards, in time or in space. My son and I were to meet my parents at their campsite in the forest, for they were on a fishing trip; however, our car broke down far before our destination. We went backwards to a roadside community to seek help. My son was much younger that he is in fact (backwards from his actual age). For some reason, he drove off in someone else's car (people who were trying to help us). I caught up to him and found that he was driving backwards (driving the car in reverse). We went further backwards from our position to a little town called Rhododendron to get a motel room, but I kept wanted to go a further step backwards to a town just before this called Zig Zag. With each step, we went further backwards from our intended destination. Somewhere in there, my brother showed up, alive again, and therefore backwards in time; and, of course, my parents, whom we were to meet, were also alive again. There's a lot I can't remember. I remembered it all at like 3 am last night, but then, you know, I went  back to sleep. But the general thing has stayed with me through the day.

Any Jungian dream interpreters out there?

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