Monday, November 13, 2017

And the Troubles March On

The cursed pain that began well more than a year ago behind my right shoulder blade continues to morph into new variations. At first, as I have mentioned, it was very sharp and relentless. As the sharp sensation has waned, the area of discomfort has spread from shoulder to beneath the ribcage, and even down the right leg, particularly in the morning. Sometimes, upon awakening, my right arm will be essentially dead and needs to be shaken back to life. In the neck and shoulder, the pain is more of a tense stiffness. I have still not found anything in particular to alleviate this during the daytime, although Xanax works at night (or rather, I don't know whether I am in pain because the Xanax has put me to sleep). The intensity of the pain varies -- worst when sitting, better when moving about. It takes me a longer time each morning to kind of shake all the screws and bolts loose. Strangely, a cold shower always seems helpful. I continue to assume that this is neuropathic pain, as I think a mechanical injury could hardly last so long, and because it is somewhat alleviated by neurologic type medications, and not at all by pain or inflammatory meds. Dead tired of it, that much I can say for certain. 

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