Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Broken Windows

(RE: Israel/Hamas in Gaza--Is this too simple?)

let's say that my neighbor does not like me for some reason. Perhaps he feels I have done him wrong, or perhaps he just doesn't like the way I look. Maybe I'm the wrong color for him, or the wrong religion. Or maybe my dog barks too much.

So what does he do? He begins to throw rocks through the windows in my house. At first I think maybe it's a mistake, but then it happens again, and then again, so that I find that on a daily basis rocks are pounding the sides of my house and shattering my windows.

I have talked to him, I have screamed at him, I have even called the police and had them pay him a visit. Yet all to no avail. The rocks continue bombard my house.

What am I to do? I have much invested in this house as its owner, I am having to repair the window glass over and over, and I worry about the safety of my family.

What shall I do? I cannot move. Everything I have is invested in this house. Reasoning has proven fruitless. I cannot even afford to fix many more windows, and I certainly cannot keep running the risk that my loved ones might be injured.

What shall I do.

The answer seems both obvious and unavoidable. Doesn't it?

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