Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Mark

I am thinking that we who have MS need some sort of ready identification for proof of the same. This could come in handy in a number of ways. For instance, when we decide to sit at the disabled table in Starbucks and people start looking at us like we're taking a spot from a perfectly authentic cripple. Or say we get pulled over by the police because we keep driving around and around in the same parking lot--really we cannot figure out how to get out, but they think we're crazy or somehow up to no good. This is when we would show our proof, our identity badge.

Now, I have thought about either a tattoo on the forehead or a card that one would carry in his wallet or her purse. The strength of the first notion is that the identity could not be lost (without the loss of ones head as well), but of course not everyone desires a tattoo, and moreover having one on the forehead might put the bearer at risk of accidentally taking the mark of the beast. You never know.

So, all considered, a card seems preferable.

Instead of merely looking like an idiot, one could pull out his card and prove that he is one. End of story. Instead of avoiding the disabled seats on the train because you don't look crippled enough, you could sit your ass down with complete confidence, card at ready for anyone who looks at you sideways.

As a matter of fact, such a card of authentication would come in handy often enough in my daily family life. Instead of trying to explain the same thing again and again (and remember, I am already profoundly fatigued to begin with), I could just flash the card in front of my wife's face and maybe raise my eyebrows a couple times.

I have however in this case some uncertainty about the safety of the card.

Perhaps the whole idea warrants more careful thought. I'll work on it when I have the energy.

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Susan said...

I do believe the NMSS had a card saying that the bearer suffers from the affliction of MS and that is why their driving may be wanky. As in, this person is NOT DRUNK. I once had one but used it as a bookmark.
There are tables for disabled at Starbucks? Do tell.....