Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Blob At The End Of Time?

I guess I should have been following this 2012-slash-end of the world business more closely, keeping up with the Mayan calendar and such-like. I have been shamefully remiss in my attention to fantastical developments in the cosmos (except where the mysterious blob near the dawn of time is concerned).

To tell the truth, I was not even aware of this Mayan calendar theory until just recently, when my second ex-wife mentioned it. She has long had an eager interest in keeping up with catastrophic end of the world scenarios-slash-return of Christ-slash-rise of the anti-Christ-slash-reversal of polar icecaps sorts of things. Some things never change, right? It's comforting.

In any case, as it stands I find myself suddenly with only 3 years to catch up with the news, let alone live. The exact date (I believe) is to be December 21, 2012. The year without a Christmas, fer shure!

(I can't help but wonder whether this too has something to do with the mysterious blob).

More than this I cannot presently say, for, as I have already mentioned, I remain quite ignorant. I must study it first (as I certainly cannot read about it the day after, now can I?).

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