Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blog Labels

Funny how these little labels work--you know, the ones you type into the little box at the bottom of your blog entry? In the past I've not paid much attention to it, but just sort of typed something in as a matter of course, or of obedience. I have learned over time, however, that these things are important. The words you type go into the big bingo basket of the search engines and serve as pertinent flags for people who are searching for material related to this thing or that thing. BINGO!

This is how an older, basically Internet ignorant man discovers modern times. A light goes on (though sputtering and flickering because of the underlying MS), and he discovers what most people have known from the outset.

What is funnier, however, are the key words or phrases that are found most often to have conveyed the surfer to ones site.

The most popular among my labels has been Mean spirited women. Who would have thunk it? How is it that these three words should have ended up on the tips of so many tongues (or fingertips, as it were)? I had no idea when I typed them in of tapping into any sort of widely shared concept, and yet here are all these hits coming from these three simple words.

One can only presume that a shared experience lurks in the communal consciousness regarding the nature of women.

Sadly, those who land at Jim Dandy via this promising phase must be disappointed; for, as far as I can remember (without actually taking the trouble to look back at the post, having never had any patience for reading my own crap), I wrote the entry because I was angry at my wife, and nonplussed by how some people can so easily bounce back and forth between attitudes that seem diametrically opposed--from the angelic to the demonic, and then back again.

In that particular post, I may well have left out the angelic part. But really, folks, she's a sweetheart. Sometimes.

I wonder whether I would get as many visits from the phrase Kind spirited women. I guess I ought to try it someday. I am thinking from the outset, however, that something so commonly acknowledged would attract little interest.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about how labels work! And just FYI, I found your blog while I was searching for health and medical issues (I'm a chronic illness sufferer myself.)

A (not very) mean spirited woman