Friday, February 19, 2010

Brief Update For No Good Reason

Today we finally managed to secure a house for a year. Three hundred billion trillion rupiah, which breaks down to about three hundred American dollars a month. So that’s good. . Bagus. Can afford.

House is three stories, open kitchen on the roof (Bali style). This is in downtown Denpassar, which was frankly not our first choice of location, but will do while we invest in building our own maybe a year or two down the road. Short drive anyway up to Sanur and the beach.

Also purchased a scooter and am trying to learn to drive the damn thing. Have not so far fallen off, but have only been up and down the driveway to our home stay.

Also got the boy into school (to start March 1st). His school is directly across the street from our house in Denpassar, about which he is very happy indeed, as it means he will not have to be taken there on my scooter. Apparently he has no wish to die young, or even to be seriously injured.

It appears also that my wife has signed me up to teach conversational English to various Indonesians here. I had already 15 students before I even knew I had a job. Oh well, gotta keep us retired blokes busy.

At last it has just now begun to rain. Throughout the day it has been muggy as hell and one just knew the skies had to break at some point or simply implode and swallow the world up whole.

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