Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Having gone three years, to the month, without an MS relapse, I am now finally suffering one. This has come in much the same way as my first really noticeable attack in the Spring of 2005. At that time (and now this) the symptoms occurred mostly in my brain and manifested themselves in the form of confusion, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, and a general sort of spaced out feeling. Along with those symptoms there is another which doctors say they have never heard of--but I sure have, and I know other MS sufferers who have as well. This is a sort of sound/sensation inside the head. It's like you can hear it, but of course you're not hearing it with your ears, and you can feel it as a sort of random pulsation, dashing from this point to that, like a electrical storm within the brain. It tends to cause a headache, and it makes me feel lightheaded and faintly nauseous. There is also the occasional feeling that I am about to faint.

In 2005 this was diagnosed as ... well, as 'We don't know what this is ... and then later, in 2007 when I had my second attack, the first was rediagnosed by another neurologist and another radiologist as 'classic MS.'

So that's where I stand--hoping the old CNS will repair itself quickly and restore my brain at least to its already (post 2005) level of functioning.

Funny how much you can forget about these things when you're not having to suffer them. I had just almost turned into a normal person, but now here we go again.


Lisa Emrich said...

Ack. Hope this one passes quickly for you and you do get your previous "normal" back in place. Take it easy.

Anonymous said...

brain zaps. hate'em.