Friday, November 9, 2012


A friend tells me of having read a story today in the Sanur Rag about a Balinese man having intercourse with a chicken. I should note that he killed the chicken first, though I will not hazard an opinion at this juncture on whether this renders the act in essential any better or worse, except to say that it was probably better for the chicken. But this is only a guess. Who can fathom such matters?

It's not an unheard of sort of incident in paradise, although the animal involved is usually of a more substantial nature -- a cow or a pig being considered more attractive matches. Or at least as far as practicability goes.

It must also be noted that in most documented cases these animals have been guilty of turning into beautiful young women -- at the critical moment anyway -- and thus luring their unsuspecting prey to the dishonorable act. Wouldn't you know it? It's always the woman's fault, even when she is a cow or a pig. Or a chicken.

We know that the chicken is dead (God rest its soul), but what must become of the man is not yet known. Some action will need to be taken of course -- a ceremony and a general cleansing of the village in question. It may also be necessary to eradite further chiekens if those are found suspected of similar transformations.

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