Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kopi Luwak at Last

Finally had the opportunity to sample Kopi Luwak this weekend. At a usual price of Rp. 300.000 per cup (30+ USD) it's a coffee generally experienced only by the rich and and priviledged. But at Bali Pulina, in the uplands near Ubud, this 'exquisite' treat is offered, by the extra small cup, for only Rp. 50.000.

Kopi Luwak, for those who do not know, is made from coffee beans harvested from the droppings of the civet -- a ferret-like creature with a wolf-like face which roams the jungle thereabouts. Sound appetizing? Well, most truly special things are like that. Monkey brains, for instance. Eels. Snails -- sorry, escargot. Caviar. Beetles.

Happily (as I think, anyway), I have the tastbuds of a pauper, saving me from strange affections such as these (and saving my pocketbook as well). In short, I was unimpressed with the civet droppings. Tasted no different from Kopi Bali to me, which comes straight from the plant and not the intestine and bowel. But there's no harm in trying (I hope), and one should always expand his knowledge of such things where possible -- so that he can speak from experience rather than simple prejudice.


imascatterbrain said...

I always wondered about that second-hand coffee, and now I can put my curiosity to rest.
Happy Thanksgiving!

R.W. Boughton said...

Scatterbrain - I am assured that these beans, once separated from the fecal matter, are sterilized at high temperature; however given that even boiled water is not recommended for drinking here, I remain suspicious of the 'second-hand' coffee.

Anonymous said...

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