Sunday, February 23, 2014

House Hunting, Continued

Well, we'll try for a triple play and post a third entry in a row, even though the 'publish' button is still blanked out.

The house search proceeds sluggishly. Yesterday, we looked at two which were equally ridiculous. The first was on a street that looked more like Bangladesh than Bali. It was a two story house, and even though it was advertised as being for rent, the 17 or so people inside didn't look like they were about to go anywhere, nor was their floor-to-ceiling 'stuff'. A train of children, grandmothers and babies followed us throughout our tour. The upper story balcony offered a great view of a mass of thick, just barely rubber coated  cables running from the pole at one end of the street to the pole at the other. Shocking.

The second house was a 'villa'. My wife's thought was that we might combine with several friends from work and rent a large place together. Again, however, the place was already filled with people - mostly young men, in this case - watching multiple TVs, all tuned to different channels. They, too, did not seem ready to go anywhere. Maybe we could split the rent 25 ways?

So, not a good day, yesterday.

Today, however, we actually got to look at a decent place - and there weren't even any people in it, except for the owner, who seemed pleasant during our short meeting. This is a new house, which is certainly a plus - or I imagine so, anyway. There are three bedrooms, a large kitchen and living room, a carport and a gate. One minus is the small, single bathroom. (And I do mean small). Anyway, hope, for the time being, has sprung back to life.

Tomorrow, the wife will look at two more houses - one in Renon and the other in Sanur. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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Bennie Graham said...

Another day of house hunting. It really is a tiring process, and I hope you’ll found the house you really love soon, so you and your family can finally relax in your new home. Anyway, how’s your wife's house hunting trip? I hope she had some good news for you.

Bennie Graham @ Golden Group Real Estate