Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More House Hunting & etc.

Predictably, my wife was not able to see the houses she had made appointments to see yesterday, as the owners were suddenly unavailable. This is normal. It is the usual pattern. So she'll try again today. And may well encounter some other roadblock. It is really so typical - I just can't figure out the psychology behind it.

In the meantime, I've been stuck in the house since Friday (today being Tuesday) because my motorbike registration has expired and - you guessed it - there are problems and delays in procuring a new one. Suddenly, the rules seem to have changed. In order, I'm sure, that the costs may increase. Same thing with the Kitas (permit to live here) and Exit Permit. Oddly, it seems that they don't have single exit permits available. Just simply ran out of 'em. Strange, ain't it? Now, all they have is permits for 6 exits. Which - you guessed it - is about 6 times more expensive.

So, this means that I will not be going to Singapore with my wife and son in March. The 6 permits to exit are far more costly than the plane ticket to get there and back.

It is part incompetence, part greed, and 100% annoying.

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