Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Come, Lord

President Dwight Eisenhower once advised that war correspondents take every photo and film they possibly could of the horror that was the holocaust, because, as he noted, someone would surely come along someday to deny that it ever happened. It was a good and honorable idea, Dwight, but what you may not have been able to see at that time is that there are people, many, many people who just don't care. Imprisonment, starvation, torture, slave labor, the robbery of dignity, per...verted, pointless 'medical' experiments, gas chambers and mass graves of emaciated, grotesquely entangled human bodies - it all means nothing. It doesn't matter. Hatred thrives, the inhuman, soul-less, diseased mind of evil thrives, inciting to new slaughters, new genocides through lies, relying on ignorance, setting fire to the darkness that resides deep in all humankind. We read, now, that the leader of the Palestinian state has published a book stating that the Jews and the Nazis worked hand-in-hand. Yes, the Jews exterminated themselves. And people will believe this, because they want to, they don't care, and they have no shame. One woman commented not long ago on a Facebook post that she was glad the Jews were gassed. She only wished someone would gas the rest of them. Oh brave new world, as Shakespeare said, that has such people in it.
Oh come, Lord. Come soon.

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