Monday, February 9, 2015

Navigation 2

So, first off I check my cousin's recommended navigator against the one I already had on the phone (Maze). Google says it will take me 1.6 hours to get to the Samsung Service Center, Maze says 22 minutes. Frankly I'd rather spend 22 minutes getting nowhere than 1.6 hours getting (possibly) somewhere. So i go with the Maze. I have a ballpark idea of where the place is, so I ignore a couple of "rights" and "lefts" along the way. Noting that I am getting low on gas, I turn into ...a gas station lot, and the Navigator says, cheerfully, "You have arrived at your destination!"

In fact, I am still far from my destination. I'm not even on the proper road.

From that point on, the navigator refuses to speak again, save for once when it declares that "Your destination is on your right." But this is simply not true. Not true at all. So i go a bit further, and then decide to give up. Deja vu. Retracing another mile or so, suddenly there it is! Now, indeed, on the right (which should have been the left for Maze. I've found it!

Ah, but the story does not end well. This DVD controller cannot be repaired, the woman tells me.

"Well that's not surprising, because it never did work. "

"Must buy new."

"When you sold me something that didn't work to begin with?"

"Yes, that's the procedure. "

"How much?"

"50000. "

So i bring out my wallet.

"Must send to Jakarta, she says. "Maybe one week."



"Okay. You send, and I will pay you when I pick it up. "

"Must pay now. "


"It's the procedure. "

"But what if the replacement doesn't work. What if it never comes?"

She gives me the classic blank stare. And so that's it. No DVD controller. Or, maybe I can just spin the disk by hand.

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