Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another Threat

What is the message of the terrorists, who recently attacked in Jakarta and now threaten to attack in Bali? We're going to blow you up if you don't ... What? If we don't what? Adopt a Shariah lifestyle, obey Shariah laws? And blowing people up is likely to make us amenable? Do they ever say what the point is, these terrorists? What is the demand? What is the ultimatum? What is the complaint? And how will killing random people achieve your goals? What are your goals? And how would you know that one of the random people you killed was not already in favor of your goals? Did you ask him first? Did you conduct an onsite survey? How do you know that you didn't kill the Osama bin Ladin of the future?

Well, it doesn't make sense, and the reason it doesn't make sense is that it doesn't make sense, which means that this can only appeal to people who have no sense to begin with. They are small, insignificant, hate filled people who wish to punish someone, anyone, for the small, hate filled insignificance of their own existence. Murder gives them a rush. It is the only drug they can afford. And like the poor addict, a slave to his self absorbed addiction, the human life that he takes is nothing but a fix, serving no one, serving nothing other than the enormity of his narcissism.

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