Monday, January 11, 2016


I believe that many Bali businesses have come up with a very obvious yet effective strategy for making more money off the hapless consumer. Why sell the reasonably priced brand of an item when you can sell  the import for at least twice the price? Take peanut butter, for instance. At Hardy's, the affordable Morin brand is gone from the shelf. Shoppers must choose either Skippy or Jif. Where jam is concerned, only the very small Morin jars are in stock. If you want more, you must buy the import. And then there are the pharmacies. It now appears that generics and no longer available, only original brand names. One can get Requip, for instance, not not ropinorile or any other generic which would cost less than half the price. You can get Omeprazole but not Prilosec, Prozac but not Kalxetin - all the same thing, except for the binding agent, and the price. To put it simply, they have discovered that the consumer has his back against the wall, and they don't mind pulling a good old fashioned stickup.

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