Thursday, September 8, 2016

Parking Problems

And now we bring you the motoring incident of the day. We drive out to Bali Mal Galeria, park the car and go in to shop and get some lunch. When we come out, we find that someone has parked their car directly behind ours, broadside to stern, and there they have left it, doors locked, parking brake securely set. We have a meeting to get to, so this is doubly uncool.

So we return to the mall, report the offending vehical, they announce the offense on their loudspeaker, make, color and license plate.

We go back to the car and wait perhaps 20 minutes. No one shows.

I go back into the mall to re-report the problem while the wife orders a Starbucks and keeps a sharp eye on the white car. She's waiting for this driver to show up. Oh yes she is. She has more than a few words in mind to share.

We wait perhaps another 20 minutes and at last a woman shows up. At first, the woman and her friend don't even get into the car. They are standing back, surveying the situation, wondering what the problem might be.

My wife then explained the problem to the driver in a rather fluent fashion, which was frankly beyond my level of knowledge in the language.

What surprised me is that the woman still was not seeming to comprehend the rudeness of her action. It was more like, 'Well I had to park somewhere, didn't I? And all the open spots were so far away.' 🙄

It's just another of those shake your head days. That's why my neck hurts, I think. So much shaking of the head.

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Stephen Walker said...

Some people were clearly born ignorant!

I would have been beside myself, if for no other reason than the fact that my bladder would have been impatient.


Stephen Walker