Thursday, September 8, 2016

Traffic Troubles

So, last night, my wife had a business meeting to attend down on Jl Sesetan. She arrives at her destination, signals a left turn, begins her turn into the parking lot, and here comes this dude on a motorbike trying to zip around the left side of her car as she turns. The guy hits the car, flips his bike, flies over the handlebars, jumps up off the street, retrieves his bike and races away. Criminal irresponsibility all in one fluid motion.

Finished with the meeting, she heads home along Sesetan, and what do you know here comes another dude on a motorbike with passenger at considerable speed. He shoots along the side of the car, starts to wobble wildly for whatever reason, dumps his bike and goes over the handlebars while the passenger ends up on the road, under the bike, not moving. No helmet.

Good Lord. What is up with the appalling carelessness shown by so many drivers here? One sees this sort of thing on a daily basis. Hits and near misses. And nothing ever changes, except to get a bit worse.

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