Saturday, October 15, 2016


An opportunity to learn about MS management (Nutrition, Stress Management, Exercise)
US workshops Oct 30, Nov 5 and 6, 2016; big discount for our followers
Are you newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis?  Or a medical professional studying or working in neurology, nutrition, integrative medicine, or otherwise interested in treating MS? Overcoming MS ( is a nonprofit that’s raising awareness about a highly effective, scientifically researched diet- and lifestyle-based MS management approach. Professor George Jelinek is an award-winning Australian professor of medicine and a medical doctor. His work builds and expands on the work of Dr. Roy Swank, and after 15 years, there are now thousands of people who are benefitting from adopting OMS’ lifestyle program.  The OMS approach includes a whole food + seafood diet, low in saturated fat, supplementing with Omega 3 and Vitamin D, exercise, stress management and medication as required. All of their recommendations are heavily researched, founded on a synthesis of the huge amount of MS-related research from around the world.  In addition, Professor Jelinek and his team at the University of Melbourne, Australia are conducting a multiyear study (called HOLISM) of over 2,500 people in 57 countries who have been on the OMS Recovery Program. These findings have been published in dozens of peer-reviewed scientific journals, including PLOS One.

The full-day workshops are in Los Angeles Oct 30, New York City Nov 5 and BostonNov 6 and will present the approach, and share an OMS meal and snacks. They cost $99 for the full-day and, followers of our blog can 
- use code NY50, LA50, BOS50  for a 50% discount.  
- Or, if you have financial challenges, you can use NYPRO, LAPRO and BOSPRO for a free ticket

Click to learn more about Prof. Jelinek and for a short video explaining OMS' approach.

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