Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Open and Shut

I read an interesting thing recently about a curious human behavior. It seems that when we walk through a doorway, especially in our own homes, we tend to forget why we walked through the doorway to begin with. Let us say that you are in the living room and you realize that you've forgotten to pick up your keys from the table in the bedroom. Therefore, you go to retrieve yours keys, but upon passing through the bedroom door, you straightaway forget why you're in the bedroom. You stand there trying to remember why you're standing there, and then you go about your business until you remember your keys again, which is probably about the time you try to lock the front door behind you. Now, this happens to me all the time, in one manifestation or another, and so I find it to be a great relief to know that the problem is not with my brain, but with doorways. Therefore, if I ever design a house for my personal use, it will be one without doors or ways. This might be a bit problematic, when it comes to bathrooms, for instance, but then one is not really very likely to forget what he is doing in the bathroom. And besides that, it is not very likely that anyone will want to live with me in my doorless, wayless house anyway. Which itself would probably make life less complicated for all.

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