Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I had no sooner arrived at Starbucks, ordered my coffee and set it out on my customary table when a sudden tropical rain storm exploded from the sky. It had allowed approximately 3 seconds for one to say to himself, Gee the sky looks awful dark.

Straightaway, the barrista dashes outside.

"Bapak, come in!" he calls out.

"That's okay - I'm gonna wait it out," I answer, trying to find a dry  spot beneath the table umbrella, frustrated by a driving sideways wind.

"No, Bapak! You come in."

Lol. So much for that idea.

The young man dashes through the rain, picks up my cup, my milk, my book, my purse, and runs back to the door.

He sets me up in the covered section out back, and even brings a footstool.

Ah, the milk of human kindness. 😄

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