Monday, May 8, 2017

Profiles in Courage

Just watched Obama's speech at the Kennedy Center. I come away filled with a sense of pride that this was our president, and that in him we had expressed in our own society, and to the world at large, our best, most honorable vision, and turned the visage of 'our better angels' to the light, bending that arch of time ever more sharply toward equality, tolerance, compassion, integrity, responsibilty, friendship. Even as some of the comments scrolling at the bottom of the screen hissed with hatred, bigotry, curses, insults, these unworthy words were rendered more unworthy yet by the eloquent intellect and tireless compassion of the speaker. God bless you, President Obama. You are painfully missed at the helm of our nation, and yet we are encouraged by your reminder of the ideals that will not die.

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