Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Big Fat Brown Dog

The big fat brown dog lives just up to the corner and down the street a piece. She lives in a sort of community dwelling with lots of people, young and old. When you pass by in the evening you can often see them all gathered at the front of the dwelling for a commnal dinner, and the big fat brown dog is always sitting at the center of the party. This may be one reason she is so big and fat. I imagine that she gets plenty of handouts - rice and chicken and bones and eggs and lots of spicy stuff mixed in. But I know that she also patrols the neighborhood and visits other houses and other dinners. The other day, I saw her sitting at lunch with the workers who are building a house on the corner. Two or three times during the day, she will push open my front door to see what we have to eat. Often, in the afternoon, she will nap here in the house, as I am most often home in the afternoon, and then in the early evening will amble back home. She looks to be fairly old now, and she has clearly had many, many puppies in her lifetime. So now it is her time to relax. She doesn't like being bothered by other dogs. She doesn't chase motorbikes or cats or other dogs. Too much effort. She likes to eat. And sleep. And she likes to have her fur brushed. And she likes my wife to pick fleas and ticks out of her fur. I don't like messing with the fleas and ticks, and she knows this too. She's an awfully nice dog. A low maintenance dog. When she's not hungry, she's sleepy, and when she's not sleepy, she's hungry. I don't know what the big fat dog's real name is. But Big Fat Brown Dog suits her fine for me. 

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