Friday, September 14, 2018

The Visitors

I am always curious about visitors to my blog, where they come from, how they happen to be here, and I am always thrilled to receive a comment, although this very rarely occurs. Maybe that's why it's thrilling! 

Many of those who visit are associated with the MS community, and that's good. MS was what got me started on writing a blog in the first place as I kind of poked and felt my way through learning about my shiny new disease and discovering ways to cope, as well as the many ways to complain. 

Some visitors are people I know, relatives or friends or acquaintance, and that's good too. 

But then, there are some for whom I have no idea where they came from or why--from around the United States, from Europe, from Australia, even from Thailand and the Philippines. And of course from Indonesia. 

Lately, there have been multiple daily visits from Ashburn, Virginia. I've never been to Ashburn, and in fact have only once dipped a toe into Virginia at all. What I see, however, is that this visitor comes through I would like to imagine that some stranger in Virginia finds my scribblings fascinating, but what I suspect, given the address, is that this is someone combing the vast sea of internet users for consumer statistics and advertising opportunities. So much for delusions. Moreover, this may be only a robot! Who else has the patience to visit an obscure blog multiple times every day? 

But oh well. I don't really write for readers. I write for myself, and because I have nothing better to do. 


Nene said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I'm glad you write for yourself rather then the readers. I found your link on one of those "best ms blog" lists. I check in and catch up with you every couple of weeks. You inspire me to write on my personal blog.thank you. Write on!

R.W. Boughton said...

Thank you, Nene! I shall check our your blog as well.