Saturday, May 21, 2016

Making a Murderer

Finally got the chance to watch the documentary series, Making a Murderer (as it is now available on the iPad). This story of a shocking miscarriage of justice, of the blind predjudice rampant in the American court system, is terrifying indeed, and keenly discouraging. We live under the false impression that truth and justice will be sought as a matter of course for all who are accused, whether guilty or innocent, but this proves in practice to be an illusion. One comes away with new commitment to avoiding, at all costs, running afoul of the law and those in authority. A compelling, well done, dreadful but true story.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Inexplicable things happen. For all practical purposes, inexplicable. A lone teenager enters his high school in Oregon and starts shooting. Two teens in Colorado go from room to room, executing random students before shooting themselves. Two planes are piloted into the World Trade Center, killing thousands.

And then there is this: In 1986, a man and his wife entered Cokeville elementary school in Wyoming armed with rifles, pistols and a powerful homemade bomb. One hundred thirty-six children and eighteen adults are herded into a single classroom and a demand is made for the payment of two million dollars per child.

And then things get strange.

The bomb is powerful enough to blow down the walls of the school, but when it goes off, only two of the five blasting caps function. Inexplicably, the wires to three have been cut. Additionally, the bomb has been rigged with a canister of explosive material that would cause the air itself to explode in flame. However, the gasoline container has leaked into the explosive contents situated below and neutralized them. Morever, the smell of gas has persuaded the perpetrators to open windows and doors, thus further diminishing the effect of the blast.

And stranger yet.

Most of the children in the room later report the presence of people dressed in white who gently tell them to gather near the open windows. All of these beings are later identified by the children from photographs as deceased relatives.

Just before the blast, the children and teachers pray together.

In the explosion, none of the children or teachers are killed, though both perpetrators are killed. The children report that the people in white were standing in a circle around the bomb.

Although the bomb was packed with shrapnel and all the walls were pock marked by the missiles after the explosion, no one was hit by the shrapnel.

One teacher was shot while hurrying the children out of the room. Paramedics said that if the bullet had been a half inch nearer his spine, he would have been either paralysed or killed outright. As it was, he was back to work in three days.

One child suffered third degree burns to her face. The prognosis was for severe scarring and disfigurement. Nonetheless, scar tissue never formed and the burns healed quickly, finally leaving no evidence at all of the burn.

We all know the details of most mass killings, but we hear little of this mass miracle.

I wonder why.