Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coming Soon, MS/PC

It strikes me this morning as suddenly appropriate that my laptop does does work very well, for in running very slowly, it keeps up (so to speak) rather nicely with the slowness of my brain. Were it a normally functioning laptop it would no doubt be way ahead of me, jumping to conclusions, loading pages according to spastic, unintended keystrokes, and so on.

It may be that I could produce an exact copy from this prototype and market the thing. The MS/PC.

If you feel challenged, don't worry--so is your new laptop! Here at last is manageable technology for the technically unmanageable mind. Remember dial-up? Well, it's back, and better than ever!

Dude, yer gettin an MS/PC!

Last night my wife got a new Apple. She need never worry about me using it. It was hard enough just opening the box.

So, here I am headed for my appointment with the neurologist. I have a lot of questions, a lot of complaints, which I have typed up for his viewing pleasure. I'm ready for the raised eyebrows, the blank stare, the doubtful mutterings, Hm, that's odd, I've not heard of that before.

The first order of business will be my deteriorating vision. This is not MS, he has already told me. Nor is it cataracts. So in any case, it is not his problem. Still and all, I cannot see. It's got to be somebody's problem, don't it? (Oh yeah, I forgot, it's mine).

On the phone a while back he entertained the idea that it might be strokes that are affecting my vision. Hm, that's odd. But then he ruled that out in nearly the same breath. We had a long conversation on the phone that day, wherein he thoroughly explained all the things it was not and why.

Edifying that. Fascinating too.

Given all the reasoning and evaluating thus far, it appears most likely that there is nothing at all wrong with my eyes.

I'm just a complainer.

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