Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Daily Drift

I went to Starbucks this morning, as I do most every morning, to sip a cappuccino and scribble down some thoughts (in as far as one can scribble on a laptop--it becomes more a figure of speech). The things that were needful for me to bring along were as follows:

1. My laptop.
2. My cigarettes.
3. Whatever book I happen to be reading.
4. My personal grande-sized cup.
5, My cell phone.

Now, despite standing around in the doorway making sure I was equipped, and despite coming back from the front gate to get my cup, I nonetheless lacked the following items upon arriving at Starbucks:

1. The cord for my laptop (the battery for which is quite useless).
2. Whatever book I happened to be reading.

In addition, there was a hospital bill I needed to call about, tucked into whatever book I happened to be reading, and so of course this too failed to make the trip.

Therefore, I was left with essentially nothing to do at Starbucks other than drink my coffee. (Imagine that).

I swear to God, no matter how often this happens, it continues to surprise and amaze me every time. How can it be that such a simple list proves so challenging? It is a theme with me, and there are variations on the theme, but the tune of the piece is always the same. One day it is the laptop itself that does not make it, another day it's the cup or the book. It's like a CD that always skips, but skips in different places, quite randomly.

This is my brain, a damaged CD, playing whatever music it will, but rarely the whole cut start to finish.

How is it that a creature of habit such I, can yet find himself so un-moored from what is habitual?

Oh well, perhaps it will become a blessing over time. A drifting ship must end up somewhere. I just hope it's on a white beach in Tahiti.

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