Friday, September 11, 2009

Is It Vascular?

Most of you out there who are really interested in multiple sclerosis (i.e. those who have it) will have heard by now about the new theory that MS is not an autoimmune disease at all, but a vascular problem.

In short, it is found in research data that 70 percent of people with MS will display spontaneous reflux constantly present in the internal jugular veins and/or vertebral veins, and 50 percent will demonstrate reflux propagated upward to the deep cerebral veins.

Put simply, this means that your blood is flowing in the wrong direction, Dude.

In the control group for this experiment (those not having MS), the percentage in both cases regarding the above parameters was zero.

This misguided flow of blood causes a number of problems; and specifically, in the case of MS, the wrong-way blood flow causes an insult to the blood-brain barrier, sending hungry little cells across into the gray matter and spinal cord, which soon proceed to eat myelin.

It's kind of like that zombie movie where the zombies were stuck on one side of a wide river, unable to reach the surviving normal people on the other--until, that is, they discovered they could simply walk across the river on the bottom (since they were dead anyway, right, and therefore could not drown and die again).

Did they hate the people on the far shore? No, they were just hungry--and so is the process that fuels multiple sclerosis.

The good news here is that this vascular defect actually appears amenable to effective treatment (unlike the various injected poisons now used for the autoimmune model). So start dialing up your doctors, folks, and make sure your insurance is in good shape. The business is about to boom.

Or . . .

Or is this just another wacky idea, the medical science version of snake oil and miracle herbs? They come and they go, don't they. And the longer you've been around, the better you know that.

Still and all, I'm game. I can't say that the surgery for this sounds pleasant, but I figure it can't be as bad as kidney stones.

And on a final note, I feel suddenly gladdened about my recent decision to stop the injected drugs, because for all I know at this point, I've been injecting this stuff all along for no damn good reason at all! I wonder how much damage this particular cure has caused already.

Well, I suppose I'll find out somewhere down the road--hopefully later rather than sooner.


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