Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Radar Scam Continued

The photo radar saga continues. More lives than a black cat.

Having sent my "excuse" for why I had not paid the ticket I had never received, this was promptly returned along with a note saying that I would need to have the document notarized. The judge could not possibly look it it without a notarization.

I therefore visited the bank yesterday morning and presented my excuse to a notary for his signature. As it turns out, I'm glad this was required, as I learned from the notary that he had seen this sort of thing many times, and that, in his opinion, it is a scam.

Ah, sympathy at last! Commiseration! Validation!

Yes, a legal scam.

Write to your congressman, he said.

And so I did. And to the State Attorney General as well.

They've pushed me too far. This is war!


In other news, it is found that if an asteroid, a meteor, or a comet were found to be in a collision course with the earth at this general point in time, there would be no way to divert total destruction. It is found also that space objects such as these would be inclined to simply absorb the impact of a nuclear weapon and continue on their way unimpressed. So back to the drawing board on that one. Maybe if we notarized the rocket first?

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