Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rest In Peace

So okay, I went back on the Copaxone. My wife made me. I suppose it's a good thing overall. For all I know, I had a relapse in the last couple months, what with all these various illnesses I've gone through, one after another--the kidney stones, the screwed up back, the weird abdominal pain, followed by the even weirder stinging skin. So much crap going on is bound to shake up the MS and have it bite back one way or another.

As it happened, my wife was paying the bills a few days back, and in doing so, it occurred to her that we were still paying for the Copaxone, even though I had quit the shots some weeks ago. She objected to this, predictably enough.

Well, I explained, I had already called the home infusion pharmacy with the question. What they said was that I needed to look at it this way: Say you bought a bottle of Tylenol, but you did not take all the pills in the bottle. You would still have to pay for the whole bottle, right?

The example did not impress my wife.

"That's BS," she said.

In any case, it was therefore concluded that if we were going to pay for the damn shots, I had better be taking the damn shots.

My wife is thrifty, you see, and cannot abide by waste of any kind. Money don't grow on trees, be those trees here or in Indonesia or anywhere else.

The familiar maxim is reasonable enough, of course. My own father used to say the very same thing. It does occur to me, however, that this is something, as are most things, that could be taken to a deadly extreme. It is for this reason that I will refuse as long as I live to purchase anything in advance toward application at the time of my death--a coffin, for instance, or a burial plot--for it might be decided that such investment of otherwise usable funds ought to be put to more immediate use.

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