Friday, January 15, 2010

Exciting New Research

Cutting edge research (my own) in the field of medical science has shown that multiple sclerosis, a disease long thought to be caused by a malfunction in the autoimmune system, actually has more in common with sinusitis. In short, it drains.

I know this because my case of MS, having formerly been most evident in my brain, has now drained into my left leg, such that my familiar cognitive difficulties (one might say congestion) have wholly cleared, while at the same time my left leg has become stuffy, sluggish, and painful.

My research will now enter the hands-on phase of experimentation, which, as always, will be less than thorough or logical. I think of the nose, the classic target of sinus problems. I think of Neo-Synephrine. I think of the nature and course of the common sinus infection, and then expand the general mechanics to the body as a whole. I think of injected Neo-Synephrine. I wonder if the ingredients of Copaxone are actually the same as those in Neo-Synephrine.

As is readily evident, the matter is a complex one and will require much time and energy on the part of the research team. Since I am so far the only one on the team, and since much of my time and energy is devoted to being generally exhausted, any forecast of applicable conclusions, along with potential treatment modalities, is bound to be years away. That's the bad news. The good news is that we finally have this tiger by the proverbial tail.

And so I shall proceed--patiently, tirelessly whenever I'm fully awake--and in the meantime spraying and blowing, spraying and blowing--all for the good of mankind, and women too, and children, and especially for those of us who suffer from this sinus-like syndrome.

(anyone desiring to join my team may do so simply with a reply and the purchase of any sort of decongestant)

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