Thursday, January 7, 2010

My God, my God . . .

There is nothing so difficult as stopping someone from doing what has already been done. Our will is to retrieve, to rescue, to restore, to somehow go back. But of course this is not a world with time machines and mysterious portals; it is, rather, a world of consequence activated by choice, a world where the courses of electrons are determined by observation, according anyway to the latest theories of quantum mechanics. What happens happens when it happens according to causation set into motion by the individual human being.

And then what next? Manifestly, it cannot be what was before. It must be something else, something different, something beyond or instead of, for you cannot go home again, as Thomas Wolfe so famously said.

Do you ever get the feeling like you are living inside of a book you once read? Or that a certain story has attracted your interest over the years in a strange persistent way because it has somehow all along been alive with the essential motion of your own life? Why does one story compel at the deepest level where another does not?

Do you get that feeling?

I do.

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