Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Hard Matter

Scientific research done with the use of a brain already detrimentally affected by what one is trying to research proves to be a method less than ideal.

Hours, or at least minutes of exhaustive research have I devoted (since yesterday--see previous entry) to the question of how the insides of sluggish arteries might be scraped or otherwise scoured clean, thus (theoretically) eradicating MS--beating my head against the proverbial wall, putting the horse before the carriage, picking at bits of invisible matter in the air--how to get at the damn things (the arteries, I mean)?

But I had a dream, a vision in the night, of angels descending and ascending on a ladder, and upon waking I suddenly knew that I had been completely obtuse--for I suddenly realized that what is on the outside is best approached from the outside, and what is on the inside, from the inside.

You see? To work from within we must start from within.

What, I asked myself, works within the blood, within the vein, within the artery--from within the system?

Viagra! What else? Suddenly the answer seems just as simple as can be.

Now, of course I have no Viagra on hand (what kind of man do you think I am?), but I figure that procuring the same cannot be too difficult. I could, for instance, ask around at retirement homes, or check the black market, or, if worse comes to worse, tell my doctor that I need it for a friend.

That's the easy part. The next thing will be to determine how much, and how often. What is the optimum dose for artery scouring, and what risk, at the same time, would I run of exploding elsewhere? Would I need volunteers to lend a hand or something, or am I up to conducting this experiment single-handedly?

More questions, to be sure--but in hard research such as this, there are always questions to be satisfied.

And so I begin again. Wish me luck!

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