Friday, January 3, 2014

Into 2014

Ended up the old year with the flu, which turned to bronchitis. Just like last year. Thanks to MS, of course. Immune system so busy attacking healthy structures that it doesn't have time to deal efficiently with viruses. But on the mend now, I think -- after three weeks.

As usual, I avoided going to the doctor as long as possible, because it's a real pain in the ass here. First off, you  have to try to explain symptoms to people who speak no English - and so, of course, one struggles with terms he is not familiar with in Indonesian. Then they send you to the wrong doctor anyway, and you sit on a row of seats jam packed with other sick people, shoulder-to-shoulder, while you wait for your "10 o'clock" appointment, which finally rolls around at about 11:30. 

If you're lucky, you get an English speaking doctor. Second best is one who does not speak English, but at least admits to it. In the worst case scenario,  you get a doctor who doesn't speak English, but says he does. That's what I got this time around.

Fortunately, I already knew what the problem was, and what medicine I needed for it.

So, like I say, on the mend, but not quite there. Eighty percent.

Will need my energy for what is looking to be a busy winter and spring. Will travel to the north coast soon for a Bali Style article. In January and February, I'll need to begin the long process of applying for my yearly Kitas (permission to live in Indonesia), will need to renew the registration for my motorbike, renew my driver's license (another ridiculously expensive and time consuming procedure), and then will have to travel to Singapore in March to quality for Kitas sponsorship by my wife. Whew. I'm told that we are going to Makassar also, but I don't know why.

After all that, I should be able to take a deep breath. If my lungs are okay by then.

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