Thursday, January 23, 2014

Surga di Warung Kopi (JCO)

Well, it's just a number, right? 60, I mean. I myself might have thought that it would somehow be more significant, but looking straight at it, as I now am on this birthday, it seems a bit of a letdown. Nothing happened. Literally. I've been stuck in the house most of the day. My own birthday called off due to rain. Well, almost. Not to be defeated,  however, by a trifling thing such as the weather (with a capital W in this case, since there was a virtual war of thunder the lightning in the heavens), I donned my rain coat, climbed on my bike and fought my way through the floods to Sanur. All for a cup of coffee. Some things never change. I remember battling my way to Starbucks, back in Oregon, under similar and worse conditions (blizzards, for instance). I arrived at JCO coffee just as the rain stopped, covered my bike with the coat (just in case) and sloshed in to order my cappuccino and free donut. Ah, the small things in life. I'm sure to remember this over the years to come (as the best way to remember events over a long period of time is to do the same things habitually). Even if you don't remember, you know nonetheless. My friend, Mike, didn't make it. I wonder why. As it happens, I was just finishing the last chapter of a book I've been reading. Surga di Warung Kopi (Heaven in the coffee café). Appropriate, no? I enjoyed the book, and even wrote to the author upon finishing. Coffee always gives me a good feeling. So does heaven.

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