Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Old Men's League

A meeting today of the League of Old Men, attended by representatives from four nations, Australia, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia and the USA (not otherwise known as 'the big four') resulted in no agreements, decisions nor recommendations for the future. The meeting took place at JCO Donuts, in Sanur, Bali. Local and international issues were discussed one by one in no very intelligible way until, at last, the meeting was adjourned due to the threat of rain. In a general sense, Switzerland remained doggedly neutral while Czechoslovakia struck a position of stubborn irritation (probably due to stomach discomfort). The representative from the USA was of the general frame of mind that a rousing chorus of Yankee Doodle would probably be most helpful in every case, which was countered by Australia's conviction that cloves of raw garlic, chewed, can counteract most any ill (whose representative then fell asleep). More meetings are planned for the future, subject to the weather, and old men from other countries are welcome to attend. Coffee is served, compliments of JCO (for Rp. 26000).

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