Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Flu (again)

Glad to receieve my new badge from Healthline yesterday. Thanks, folks. Just is time to do some MS complaining, too I came down with the flu two days ago and I'm anticipatimg, through experience, that MS will make the illness all that much worse. My experience in the past is that these common illnesses are unusually extended in the presence of MS, and may also cause some neurologic problems unrelated to the illness itself. Last time I was ill with a severe virus, I ended up with ringing in my ears, deterioration of eyesight and persistent headaches, all of which persevere to this day, though to a lesser extent as time passes and treatment modalities are discovered. For severe ringing, I take clonazepam at night, which significantly calms the problem by the morning, and also has the benefit of inducing a sound sleep. Later on, I discovered, rather by accident, that prozac provides a definite quieting effect throughtout the day, in general. With the present flu illness, however, the ringing is back, no matter what medicine I take. At any rate, if past experience is a reliable measure, I'm in for at least two weeks of illness. My wife and son, who also have this flu, will be well within a few days - just you watch. But there you have it. Life with MS. 

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