Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Good News, Except for Paradise

I have been enthused recently to read about at least two treatments under study that would promote remyelinization after MS relapses. It seems that these drugs would not only decrease the severity of deficits suffered from MS attacks, but could also restore lost function from old deficits. Wow! I mean, that's pretty big, if it actually comes about, and I'm definitely in.  But hold on a sec ... Oh, yeah, I live in Indonesia, where doctors have never so much as heard of MS. Where MRI films are the size of chalkboards and have the clarity of 19th century photographs. Where the idea of a strong pain killer is ibuprofen and where a thorough physical exam consists of testing knee reflexes with a little rubber hammer. Hmm. Oh well. Therein lies the price of living in paradise. 

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