Saturday, May 23, 2015

Strange, Unworldly Sounds

Have you heard about the strange noises heard all around the world since 2011? If you haven't, that's okay. I myself had not heard about them until just today. Which is the first problem with phenomena which is said be be known worldwide, isn't it? In any case, these noises are said to be coming from the sky and are said to have been recorded all around the world. They are eerie, out-of-tune trumpet sort of noises and have occurred from Canada to Europe to the Ukraine. They have even been reported by several news stations, which have played recordings sent to them by people who heard the noises.

Upon beginning to look into these reports, I thought at first that I might have actually happened upon something was genuinely both strange and real. After all, there were dozens of recordings, purportedly from far flung locales. Could it be alien spaceships? Could it be the trumpets of the angels, announcing that the end is near? Was this connected to the end of the Mayan calendar? Or was this something more sinister - a secret military scheme, for instance, to control the mind of humanity through auditory echophonic sound waves?

Well, of course, the theories got weirder than the noises and the charm dissolved. The whole thing turns out to be a hoax, feeding on and growing, as all hoaxes do, from the power and the pull of imagination. People hunger for revelation, for magic, and long for the natural world to be, just once (and for all), unnatural. It is the grasping of modern man in search of a soul, as Jung put it. Give us something, anything, even a lie, to fill the unbearable void of not knowing.

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