Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Was just remembering this morning an incident from a few years ago. Louis and I were passing through Sanur and had stopped for a moment at a Circle K store. As we came out and got back on the bike, a white woman coming out of the salon next door looked me over, looked Louis over, and then, with a self-amused smirk, said “Nice. How much?”

I have always thanked that woman’s lucky stars for her that Louis did not hear the comment. It still chills my blood to think of what might’ve happened if she had.

But in any case, how rude, right? How presumptuous to come to the snap conclusion that if an older white man is with a younger Indonesian, he must be a John and she must be a prostitute. And not only to make the judgement, but to arrogantly blurt it out.

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