Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Light Show

Had another of these weird but rather spectacular light shows in my eyes this morning. I was going about my usual routine, eating breakfast, getting dressed, and so on, when I noticed bright lights at the periphery of my eyes, most especially in the right eye. The lights had a golden hue this time, brilliant, lustrous, along with a smooth sort of motion, like a moving picture on a TV or computer screen. No headache, no pain, just the light. A friend has previously told me that this is a certain sort of a migraine, without discomfort other than the disturbing light. I don't know. Could be. I tend to connect weird shit like this to MS. In any case, there seems to be nothing one can do other than sit back and enjoy the show. So I delayed my plans, laid down for a while, closed my eyes, and watched the show. 

Other than this, my eyesight seems to have been becoming progressively worse of late. I find myself unable to read under any but optimum conditions--which seems to mean dim light. Otherwise, the characters just don't want to focus. For typing text, such as I am doing now, I rely on my many years of  practice as a typist, relying on my fingers to "see" what they are doing, rather than my eyes. All the years I spent typing while looking at a separate text seem to have paid off, in a marginal sense anyway. I have had my latest pair of spectacles for, I think, less than a year, and they are swiftly becoming next to useless. But hey, they look good, and they automatically darken in the sun, and they hide to some extent my cavernous eye sockets, and therefore continue to be useful. 

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